Remote control iPhone from PC without jailbreak

Today we brought you an important story. This is how you can Remote control iPhone from PC without jailbreak. Do not bother for you can do nothing when you do not have jailbreak permission. If you can find out the correct tool or the application, you can perfectly arrange the feature that you wish. We will narrate about two separate tools that you can easily find out from the web. They will help you to bring your device screen on your computer.

control iphone from pc

Control iPhone from PC using ISL Light

  • Search and download ISL Application on your iPhone and Computer
  • Launch the tool after the installation and commence a session
  • And then go to iPhone and launch ISL
  • Now get the session code you get and share it with the connected iDevice
  • So the two devices will connect with each other
  • The iPhone screen will display on your PC right away

Control iPhone using AirServer

How to install?

  • Find out the latest version of AirServer from the web
  • Remember to find out a certain application for the operating system of your computer
  • You will ask to enter the Windows version accurately
  • Go to the downloaded package and install it properly
  • Agree on the agreement and continue
  • Once the activation key should enter, select the universal option

And then follow directions to complete the installation

How to use it?

  • Launch AirServer using the application icon
  • Select on QR code. The tool will arrange the connection and will display the certain QR code
  • Now you can download AirServer app from the App Store on your iPhone
  • After that, you can open the utility and scan the QR code
  • Once devices will connect to each other, a notification will display
  • Now you have to select Screen Mirroring function just with a swipe on the screen
  • And then select your PC
  • You will automatically connect with the computer

Note: If you will not be able to properly arrange screen mirror option, cancel it and enable the Screen Mirroring option again. Try a few times and check whether you connected.

Wrapping up

Use one of the above tools and do whatever on your iPhone using PC. Of course, there are many other applications that support the same. If you want to collect more similar tools, you can search the web. But remember that it should be a reliable utility that will not damage your iPhone or the Computer. 

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