PS4 Pro Jailbreak- all updates

Are you aware of tools available for PS4 Pro Jailbreak? Here you are about the latest updates, available tools at this moment, and possibilities. So if you have got yourself in a new PS4 and looking for PS4 Jailbreak this would help you to get things cleared out.

 PS4 Pro Jailbreak

What is the current state of PS4 Pro jailbreak?

For those who are having a PS4 running the firmware 5.07 or below, you are among the luckiest to experience Jailbreak PS4. The supported jailbreak for version 5.05 PS4 Jailbreak was found in May 2018 and this found compatible with the rare 5.07 firmware too as to the reports found so far.

If PS4 runs on the firmware 4.55 or below, you can get jailbreak rights only for the console. So here the best advice is to update to 5.05 firmware and Jailbreak from that firmware.

What is the update for PS4 jailbreak for devices above 5.07?

PS4 Jailbreak is only possible on some firmware. But there is still no public Jailbreak for PS4 in concerned the firmware version 5.50 and upper. But you nowhere find it said impossible. And what is good to consider is usermode WebKit exploit has announced by the developer SpecterDev on 8th March 2019. So this is something that keeps us waiting hopefully on something new. And if you are on firmware 6.20 and lower, there is additional news by the hacker Mathieulh through a powerful demonstration on PS4 5.55 kernel exploit. This was said to have no plan for any releases. So we could not say anything precisely here about the future of PS4 Pro jailbreak.

PS4 jailbreak

Updates on PS4 Pro Jailbreak

If you are on a new firmware from your PS4, you are out of luck for jailbreak PS4. But there is no way found to downgrade a PS4. So that who are running on a PS4 that has higher firmware than 5.05, what should do is generally wait in the lowest possible. And as we already have demonstrations that would work for firmware upper, you are recommended to wait hopefully.

You will get a lot of updates with time when you buy a PS4 that running on the latest firmware. But you may still feel like you are limited. The solution could be jailbreak. But until you get reliable tool support, it is about waiting. So keep looking for the latest PS4 Pro jailbreak updates here with our site.

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