How to Update Jailbroken iPhone?

If you are having a jailbroken the device and found an error when attempting to update the device, you need the support here from my note. If you find any issue like stuck on “checking for update”, this is how to update jailbroken iPhone. Go with the right instructions.

how to update jailbroken iphone

The only chance jailbreakers have as the manual update method to the iPhone s by using iTunes. So go on with the following steps.

Initially prepare the iOS firmware update

Then do backup the entire device in order to keep all existing data safe. You have two options to backup the device. So choose from iTunes or iCloud

How to update jailbroken iPhone?

Make sure you are having the latest version of iTunes and then check for updates from iTunes. Then simply move with the steps given.

Connect the device to the computer and wait for iTunes to get connected

Click the device button in top right corner in iTunes

Continue with “check for updates” and hold on the option key/ shift on Windows. The update will automatically download and get updated

It will come in a pop up saying, the update is available. But here you have to accept the available update as latest to have on the device

When you find it saying iTunes will update the device, you have to verify through Apple and continue

Now you will find the update with its release note. Click “next” and agree with the terms and conditions

Let iTunes download the firmware as it may take several minutes. Once download is over, extract and process and finish the installation with the screen instructions

Make sure you keep the connections until the process gets over. This would take several minutes. So wait patiently.

Note to the jailbreakers:

Updating the device firmware will remove Cydia from the iPhone. So keep these facts in mind as jailbreakers should really be aware of what conditions it takes on firmware updates. And if you care about iOS jailbreak and Cydia download, update jailbroken iPhone is not necessary as it takes jailbreak away. So know the conditions and take your move.

With every software update, Apple keeps introducing new features and functions to the user. But through jailbreak, it takes the user to a new scope. So know where to move and start your iOS journey with the best iOS update.

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