Guide to download Cydia for iOS 14

iOS 14 is the biggest operating system of Apple and that official confirmed a few days back. The operating system got amazing features such as Home screen widgets, App clips, App Library, Compact UI for Siri, Picture in Picture and more at this time. And there is a long list of hidden features as well. Behind that, reports testify that the security frame too will become bigger because of the past buggy iOS 13. So at this time, we have to consider Cydia for iOS 14 more than ever for we know how the battle will depart. We decided to keep a note for everyone is excited to see how the game will end. Here we go.

ios 14

Should I download iOS 14?

At this instant, iOS 14 is not a public seed. It was just the first beta and that can download on devices those who have been registered as a developer at Appleā€™s developer portal. You cannot capture all promised features just through these initial betas. Unlike prior years, the release of the public seed of iOS 14 will draw to October this year. Therefore, you have to patiently count its betas till the major role with all promised arrangements.

If you are a jailbreaker, think twice if it would be good to upgrade your jailbroken device to such an advanced version for they say that the security frame too will be high and great than ever.

Can I download Cydia for iOS 14?

Since iOS 14 is just a beta, it seems jailbreakers will not rush to drop something about its jailbreak possibility. But in previous years, hackers like Luca Todesco brought evidences that proved the capability of each major OS.

However, though iOS 14 beta has more to go, we cannot forget the effort of the Checkra1n team behind the jailbreak journey. So we got a post saying that iPhone X running the freshest beta of iOS 14 could perfectly welcome Cydia. Though this is not a public offer, it is a great sign of jailbreaking for we only have to stay a few further months to welcome another grand jailbreak. Because of the used checkm8 exploit, we can hopefully remain for the Checkra1n team to offer us a path to walk.

Though it is not easy to bring you proved details so early, consider far things that we already have about Cydia for iOS 14 would be great. Stay tuned for more info.

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