How to customize iPhone Home Screen without Jailbreak?

When it comes to customizing your iPhone, jailbreaking is the first thing comes in mind. But what if you do not want jailbreak? Here you are some interesting facts about How to customize iPhone Home Screen without jailbreak. Take a look here to catch one of my favourites to make my Home screen look what I want. This will too work on your device with best changes.

customize iPhone Home Screen without jailbreak

What is iOS jailbreak and Cydia Download?

For all the iOS users, jailbreaking is the best way that opens up the chance for advanced customization and modifications. In fact, the complete jailbreak is the only way you could get real Cydia Download. So if you get Cydia into your rights, you could enjoy getting thousands of downloads inside the installer. And that includes themes, wallpapers, modes, apps, and many more downloads directing you through the highest customization. So if you have the desire and the chance to jailbreak, you can get the Cydia privileges in hand. But what if you cannot jailbreak?

Tutorial to customize iPhone Home screen without jailbreak

This is quite simple to proceed with the right instructions. So make sure you go with the steps. Have sufficient power strength on the device before you take the chance.

Step 1: Long-press a random app icon, slide to the right and get a blank home screen and make sure to take a screenshot

Step 2: From Safari browser, go to

Step 3: From there, continue to “create blank icon” and tap “choose file”

Step 4: Then upload the file (the screenshot you took above)

Step 5: Once done, you can scroll down

Step 6: You will now find created blank icons according to the home screen. Now continue to select the slot where you wish to set the blank icon on the home screen

Step 7: Continue with “add to Home screen”

So finally you will receive the blank icon on the home screen. Now place the blank icon at exactly where it located on your home screen. And with that, it will go with the home screen background making invisible.

For advanced customizing and modifications, you need the support of jailbreak and Cydia. But staying on stock too, you can have some tricky customization chances. This is just one way you can make your Home screen change. And there’s more. To get all them, stay tuned with us.

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