Why should we jailbreak iOS 13?

I hope this would be a great narration for those who doubt why we should jailbreak iOS 13? Of course, we are with the world’s number one OS and smart devices. But still it seems to jailbreak getting amazing. There are a couple of reasons for that. So this is why we need Cydia when we have the best? Apple promised for another amazing and advanced operating system during the World Wide Developers Conference of the year 2019 as their 13th OS chapter. So, it is iOS 13 that we started our journey in September and that recently jailbreak by Checkra1n and Unc0ver tools. There is no doubt that it became a perfect operating system that surrounded many features. But here are a few reasons that we found behind jailbreaking.

jailbreak ios 13

Reasons to jailbreak iOS 13

In this list, we will uncover a few things that will surely let you realize why we need jailbreak and Cydia?

Intelligence security performances

We all know that our iDevices always request our permission for several performances such as pick up from sleep and so on. But there are some special tweaks that will not bother you for it intelligently realize where you are.

Third-party apps with power features

This is not about a barrier of Apple iOS. Sometimes we have to face some barriers of third-party app developers as well. In such cases, you have tweaks that you can bring on your iDevies and enhance possibilities of their performances. YouTube Reborn is one of those popular Cydia tweak and that can use to enhance the YouTube app.

Browse files properly

So this is about the stock Files app. It is a perfect tool and that supports users to share files between iDevices and Mac OS X. Moreover, you can use the Files app to store media files in iCloud. But sometimes we feel that there is more to reach. That’s why we suggest you tweak that specifically offered for file browsing in Cydia.

Better web browsing

There is no doubt that you always go through Safari whenever you need to browse the web using your iDevice. Safari is unique and comes with advanced performances. But those who used Safari on iPad know that we have a bit to reach all those perfect features on iPhone. But what about if you have tweaks that will apply all those amazing features on your browser even it is with iPhone? Of course there are tweaks like Safari Electro 2 and Safari features in Cydia.

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