Encounter Semi-Restore Lite with Electra Jailbreak

Those users who were excited about Electra updates got a demanding announcement. If you have been jailbroken, it is time to capture a new feature and that will let you turn your current status into non-jailbreak simply. Since there were Cydia impactor and Eraser during last few years to restore such iDevices and not any is there for recent ones, this is a third-party functionality named semi-restore lite. However, this cannot use by being a jailbreaker for LiberiOS users cannot go through at all. So it is going to be a blessing having Electra jailbreak iOS 11 with you. Thankfully, users capable to carry out a fully functional breakout at least with third-party dealers.

electra jailbreak

Semi-restore lite for Electra jailbreak iOS 11

As we clearly note above, semirestore is a utility that exclusive for users followed CoolStar. Though Electra was an initial direction, it became the challenging implement even higher than LiberiOS that released as the first public tool for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2. However, as announced, CoolStar capable to offer Cydia download possibilities as well a few days back to settle rather than remain for Saurik to make the true app store capable after a long procedure in future. Therefore, the recent Cydia compatibility is a third-party resource instead of Jay Freeman’s Cydia application.

When users feel they better return to official status rather than being jailbroken any longer for several reasons, Semi-restore lite will be the only solution. Throughout, you can undo all related to tweaks and so on. Lite at the end of its name stands for a specific meaning that reminds us the functionality have a couple of limitations. Therefore, it will not let you encounter fully functional restore tool.

Important facts

  • At the very beginning, their users have to SSH into the iPhone, iPod or iPad with a computer
  • When the network is completed, cd/usr/bin code has to enter carefully in aim at the proper directory
  • In the end, when you are with the accurate directory, you can execute the program by run Bash SemiRestore11-Lite command there

electra jailbreak

Technical uses of Electra jailbreak iOS 11?

Though you may just capture things surround Electra, there are a couple of technical users as well that are significant. Creating APFS Snapshot is the major part that should remind here essentially. This will only develop over Electra procedure. Your system will revert again to let you stock status using the specific part.

Final words

By the way, Semi-restore Lite was the latest update for Electra users. In fact, it is a restore utility that brings you into an official from jailbroken status. APFS Snapshot is the key for this specific operation only for CoolStar fans. Since the utility has been introduced as a Lite edition, exactly there are a few limitations that you will surround. However, it would be great when you decided to sell your handset or desire a quick and a proper manner to resolve any Cydia related trouble. There are no hidden conditions. Just make certain that you are a CoolStar user for further.

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