Is iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Getting Closer?

With Apple closing the signing window for older firmware, you are no longer allowed downgrade from iOS 10.2.1. Which means you are no way to come back 10.2 to get Yalu jailbreak now in stable processing. Then what is the option for jailbreakers above Yalu? Will there be any chances for jailbreak firmware versions above 10.2? Knowing you are struggling to know the facts, we here bring you updates on 10.2.1-iOS 10.3 Jailbreak together with facts you must know. So read on.

iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

Apple came with 10.2.1 weeks back as the 1st minor update above 10.2 which inherited a number of notable changes. And you must now aware that Apple also in work for the upcoming 10.3 as the third major approach to the operating system to introduce more features to what you get with current time. But will that be able to make iOS 10.3 Jailbreak less interest? Not at all. In fact, the discussions have already started spreading all over as it the next hope in view of jailbreak for those who missed the chance with Yalu. So what can be the news updates ahead?

10.3 upcoming firmware is now available through the second beta. So anyone signed to the developer program or public testing program could now reach the new beta which shows the features planned to introduce via the new firmware upgrade.

iOS 10.2.1/iOS 10.3 Jailbreak- What is the Progress?

The updated Yalu only works up to 10.2 and not promise to add support further. As the vulnerabilities used in the build of Yalu come patched in the versions above 10.2, Yalu will hardly add support for further. Then it is mean those who are on 10.2.1 or willing get 10.3 downloaded are at the death of jailbreak? Not at all. But at the moment of this writing, they are unjailbreakable.

jailbreak ios 10.2

As Todesco not planning to take Yalu above 10.2, he has not given any word about the state of jailbreak 10.3 or 10.2.1. But he has clearly said that 10.2 jailbreak going to be his final tool launch which will probably make him only to see in the demonstrations. So this means we have a minimum chance from the side of Todesco to look over firmware versions above 10.2. But as he is not only the option for a tool release, we can still look for the glimpse of hope. So let’s wait and watch is this again the chance for Pangu to win over others.

Hackers on another challenge

Thanks to prominent jailbreak developing parties, we had stable tool options from iOS  7- 9. But the silent started at the time of10the firmware debut stills comes with no change, making us doubt about when will another tool releases. So what could be the plans on the road ahead?

We never know when will another jailbreak surf as a separate tool option from Yalu. But for the most part, we can assume that 10.2.1/10.3 could probably be the next focus on jailbreak while Todesco made the Cydia install access up to 10.2. So let’s wait and see when they are gonna release a jailbreak likely to what we see surprising in chapters past.

We hope we have cleared your doubts on iOS 10.3 jailbreak to somewhat. But as always stay signed to get more exciting facts which could probably be what you are waiting for. So stay tuned and share your comments if you feel this is worth reading.


A new jailbreak from Pangu 10.2.1?

It is all about the Apple Corporation takes long to unveil. The edition which was in progress all the way throughout four prereleases is now in the air for users. From the very commencing note of the version, there were only announcements that introduce this as another minor update surrounded fixes and polishes. But it is wonder how far it has been awaited for the publication. By the way, though we proudly celebrate the recent edition, keep in mind that hackers could not capture any perfect escape technique at the moment. So what’s next? Is it will closer to Pangu 10.2.1?

pangu 10.2.1

The community unveiling

Though the version is the following replica of the second prime introduce of the current array, it has been testing further than four weeks. After the fourth pre-introduce which was done during first few days of the year 2017, software update panel and the servers to download IPSW copies open yesterday. Update with the recent iTunes announcement and make it your current dwell unless you do not interested in Cydia download.

YaluX tool update for 10.2.1?

There is no any confirmation of Luca Todesco to expand his 10.1.x utility to this. But, surrounding particulars he proclaimed regarding 10.2 cannot neglect even from now. As he disclosed about the hazardous keep on of the relevant jailbreak status, it will be wise to hang around 10.1.1 and lower until certain things will provide to the public. Though we talked it would be better to remain with 64bit rangers, things have been changed warning about newest Apple builds. Consequently, what you guess is spot-on. What we are going to remind you is about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which has a strong built and that will surely position against 10.2 crack. Whatever happen with these, you have no any doubt about devices those were perfectly used with previous clearances. But, in my attitude, we have not more availabilities except being current positions since no any single detail has been proved yet. But is it going to be the arrival of another player as Pangu 10.2.1?

Another jailbreaker to the piece?

pangu 10.2.1

By the way, this is about team Pangu for their Pangu 10.2.1 download which you have anxiously remained for a long. They are going to enter the game conferring to rumors and forecasts we get to discern at this instant. You might be confused. But keep in mind that Todesco still could not arrange a complete coverage for users thus far. Although he has a demanding try, it is not such fair even when it comes to 10.2.1. So this might be a great deal of them at least to support for 7th iPhone rangers. But then again, keep in mind we do not confirm these for any reason. It is all about the current situation of jailbreakers.

And moreover, we too will draw so far from here with things we haven’t heard up till now. Then whatsoever we have, just remind kinds of stuff we acquire to recognize that too seem to be covered. The note of Alibaba Corporation, which is a well-known member of PP and Pangu is one of those interested. The in progressed tool might be Pangu 10.2.1 and that we reached through rumors. Thus, just hang onto these with you to get ready for the approaching, conversely or so forth will uncover.


While waiting for Cydia through jailbreak iOS 10.2

Those who enrolled the recent YaluX tool have many to concern towards maintain an apt practice, due to its instability. Although there were numerous opinions to void from, you might miss or else pass on forward for any other purpose have deeper to go. So this is about Cydia download 10.1.1. Because you have to carry out a knocked out Cydia substrate, it does not mean that there can be a perfect alternative for, though there are varies covers and repairs surrounded. However, the reason it being disabled is not accountable by the since there is some other in default. So let’s navigate to a new chapter while remaining for jailbreak iOS 10.2


The reason behind its infirmity

This will not just a piece for those who overlooked all warnings even of the developer as at the moment, they must face various troublesome occurrences. In fact, Luca needed to keep the tool away from users with less familiarity of jailbreaking that turn out to be unsteady The main aim is to keep only certain tweaks that discourage fans those who only expect to experience apps. Though there is no such corporation between the development of Cydia app and the jailbreak tool, Saurik too added a further step but as a beta to make both firm.

However, all these will probably set your device to be fritz. Since Apple too rapidly sealed the sign in the gate of all lower from 10.1.1 and there is no way to switch to become non-jailbroken you must feel like unsafe. Experts say to get back your stability and to regain the perfection for a sound iOS practice, there is nothing unless install 10.2. In such a situation, you might feel that you are going to miss the final Cydia download opportunity if you missed our previous newscasts.


YaluX for further versions?

With Luca’s recent announcements of his polishing operation, he has clearly opened an idea about his newest expansion which is going to expand for advance editions. Obviously, there is another barrier with the latest technological uses that included for iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 7 which already warned as inapplicable ranges of 10.2. The reason has been already published to disclose the truth behind the anxiety.

Any proper way?

Since we do not recommend you to be installed patches to adjust your issues, it will be wise to remain away from any other. In my opinion, you are already in a threat since you entered a bad gateway. You better hang around carefully or else upgrade with the hope of promised utility. But the second escape will not wise for those individuals who owned any of tip off iPhone range.

jailbreak ios 10.2

Winding up

Those members of jailbreakers used for a long have been backward for unknown purposes. Thus, we better to remain patiently to make easier the newest attempt. By the way, at last, but not least there is something essential to follow up particulars accurately to keep continue precious experience. You might wonder what will happen for 10.2.1. We hope to talk about all these with our future stories through a deeper explanation as well about rumored 10.3 that decided to set free with Theater mode. We wish Todesco will update YaluX implement with expanded availabilities for all upcoming sessions too. Stay there for all rapid updates with accurate details.


The tool which remained for 10.1.x has been updated for 10.2. As he warned at the beginning, no any single crack could find out for iPhone 7 fans. But also, rumors said that the situation will change when a new applicability will announce for higher versions within next couple of weeks. Those individuals stayed for a certain update of 10.3 can check out its seeds that started the journey as promised. And what’s more? The exciting story started moving that seem to be covered the whole by YaluX. And even the recent Cydia 1.1.28 which too remained its preparation stages will move on for a fully functional update. At the moment, a few from the compatible iDevice list are already signed in the 7th operational crack which is the most advanced utility we ever had for the 10th iPhone OS. Hope to report all these with fine points with our future pieces. So, stay tuned to collect whatever will get change. And even, there are no more steps to get closer the doorway to 10.3 as well. If you have any questions about, comment here to start the discussion.


While getting closer to jailbreak iOS 10.2

After a long silent we are back with all upcoming events you would surely give pleasure to accumulate. Things have been changed with many surroundings thus far with exciting arrangements. However, what we expect to highlight here is about jailbreak iOS 10.2, which will do further modifications from both decent and corrupt for the frequent coverage. And also, the company is planning to have something new which is in progress to become the 10.2.1. Whatever deeper you desire to know about the security cannot disclose certainly at the moment, as habitually behind its beta session.

ios 10.2 jailbreak

Luca Todesco for public routines

There is nothing to expound about Luca because of our previous directions regarding that you can just refer once more. Anyhow, he is no longer just a system researcher for his belongings right now. Since prevalent developers surrounded Pangu seem to be backward for unidentified reasons, he took the place to straight the whole without let the legendary die.

At the moment, those who proficient maintain struggling cracks warmly welcome to enter the beta launch of Todesco for 10.1x. This is the first ever publication of his YaluX chain which too presently leftovers its preparation platform. To make the in rolling session a recovering, those who entered the sitting able to impress the Cydia download 1.1.28 as well. Since both have deep constructions, it too comes as a corresponding beta experience.


By the way, you might still watch over what is going on the research that burning thus long? Honestly, we too doubt just as you but with something additional. With the latest twitter note found throughout Todesco’s official has something great about a new extension lead for 10.2. What professionals clarify is, that his cat and mouse willing entered a new path that will open a clear door for the certain crack. On the other, hand what’s more?

Say no for the 7th iPhone chapter

Even though this going to make fans disappointed, iPhone 7 and its contemporary 7 Plus have already warned to keep away from the upcoming tool. Being 64bit range is not such calmer if you chose to be with the highest. Experts’ belief the security measure going to become the barrier even it does not turn out such thus far. The only single hint this scream is to keep your practice through 10.1.1 and lower ranges once you belonging an iDevice of 2016.


Behind schedule all these, we do not advise you to make the decision to flag any latest Apple launches. Thins that are better will be able to clearly point out at this juncture almost immediately as possible. By the way, news sources getting hot with Cydia allied reports for it is going to be the largest stride of jailbreakers.

You want further? Truly we have further particulars to narrate. Things might change even while you are reading this. If things begging better, the crack you are anxiously waiting will out before long. Those who chose to be with Pangu 9.3.3 are luckier enough to be with stable Cydia practice without any complex. Those individuals who have being jailbroken with YaluX and continue a perfect usage too have limited list of tweaks.

Note: Those who accidently join with the YaluX break 10.1x might surrounding critical whereabouts. If you feel it will difficult to hang about the forthcoming major launch, you are instructed to capture 10.2 whether you agree or not. Thus, if you desire to capture the utility, patience until announce as a perfect.


Hackers announced to prepare jailbreak iOS 10.2 to iOS 10

Behind rumors and news about an upcoming Cydia download, we are at the closing stages of the year 2016 with no such a tool yet. As usually, there are much heard particulars and hidden things as well that will unveil just behind a new tool announcement. However, it is glad to remind that a famed researcher Stefan Easer is back to disclose soothing great about jailbreak iOS 10.2. Though it was doubt with the announcement of Luca Todesco, seems hackers captured their demanding vulnerability access once again. Behind latest builds of the Company, huge range of strong security uses are surrounded that effect jailbreakers on top. And we guess just before or after start 2017, we will be able to count the expected tool as soon as probable.

jailbreak ios 10.2

A beta access from Todesco

Here is the latest about a crack based on the leading 10th iPhone operating system. Though there yet to feel a certain update, Luca has something new and that publicized before Christmas. The entrance basically addressed the public with his frequent Yalu cracks. But also there are some more to discuss deeply since it is yet to encounter as a beta.

Anyhow, although it seemed that he will not count for a publication, two triumphs are now in the air for 9.3.3 and the latest 10 orderly. The freshest one was successful and handy and guess the recent too to be the same.

All you want to know about Yalu implement

The download available via his formal webpage for those who already go through instructions and fine points. This is not just all simple applications you met. Even the file format too based on ipa. And the natter that users had related to Cydia has successfully amended. A new proficient impactore part has included with all new techniques. But, because of it has fewer repairs, a very few tweaks will only work. In such situation, he remind that this is further to stable.

However, those users with 10.1 or 10.1.1 running iPhone 7 and 7 plus are neglected. The rest devices are applicable even while 10.1.1 except 10.2 upgraded. And behind its status, you will have to enter a semi untethered one once again. Since security and built measures become more and more complicated, untethered ones are difficult to unveil.

ios 10.1.1 jailbreak


This is strictly recommended for those who are surrounded the operating system as researchers, developers and hackers for further uses. And it is better to avoid if you have no certain knowledge to handle some certain actions. And at the end as remind, the downgradable utility even for sign in gate closed versions will launch in good time. If you doubt with 10.2 will be able to become jailbroken. And in the other hand, the proclamation of Stefan too will be clever to know certainly.

By the way, because of critical measures about these, an advanced of the same beta will might out by Pangu. Be there on time. It might be for the latest 10.2.1 or else any older as soon as possible.

Downgrade your iOS 10.2 iDevice for jailbreak iOS 10.1.1

Even though sources did not report certain words about a new blow, there is much to talk about latest iOS updates and all related particulars. Our contemporary guide is about downgrade 10.2 to keep remain for the jailbreak iOS 10.1.1. This is much significant to attire for such a crack as it will be the tool that discharge behind an extended space. And also, renowned hacker Luca Todesco pronounces that the latest edition will kill more available vulnerabilities that can use to download Cydia for all other older ones.

ios 1011 jailbreak

Keep your device for the upcoming Cydia download tool

It might only a few hours to close the downgrade possibility of the latest propose. Therefore, hurry to go through this procedure to obtain a jailbreakable version rather than fed up for a long. However, confirm that this will push you back and your device will no longer available higher bugs fixes and followed features. And keep all your belongings with backups since the IPSW installation will wipe out the whole thing.

Important: Confirm the 10.1.1 installation capacity, before you create the downgrade

The procedure

  • Navigate to a recommended web host to download the appropriate IPSW package
  • You might doubt about the build that has to fill since the 10.1.1 has two separated as 14B100 and 14B150. According to the word of Todesco, there is not much different the security exploit between these. Thus, no matter whatsoever you selected
  • Here we have to remind about your backup once again, as the next step will not let you keep any data
  • If you complete everything, go to the USB or Lightning cable to network the iDevice to the PC or Mac
  • Once the connection completed, you can release iTunes

Note: Several steps from here have to follow for the activation of DFU mode on your device. Though these are recommended, you can ignore for next. And this is important in favor of our Cydia readers for a clean preparation. Also, do not try to do any backup replacement once you accomplish this recovery

  • Off the device power and use keys for the activation
  • Press and continue Home plus Power keys for few seconds
  • Continue with the Home button removing the power key for another

(Keep in mind to press Volume down instead of Home switch for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus)

  • A detected report will display you to accomplish the restore. This means your iDevice now in its recovery mode


  • Press the alt button of your PC/Mac and command to restore. With this action, you can open the browser window
  • Select the package you download and saved there right now


  • Nest step need your confirmation to move. Enter and shift ahead
  • The device application will carry out with several plain reboot attempts. The setup screen of iTunes will open


  • You can replace any of your backups shift from older versions. But those who have their backups of iOS 10.2 advised not to make any

You have your older device back to make camp for the imminent Cydia download tool. As Luca tweeted, although it will get harder to unveil a crack on iOS 10.2, the rest older versions will do shortly. But no any certainty about the Pangu team as we expected thus far.

While waiting for jailbreak iOS 10.2

While we were busy looking for a new tool for the recent 10th iPhone OS, hackers started discussion once again about older releases. The final version they missed with the 8th session as 8.4.1 too prepared its crack recently. And as famed researcher Luca Todesco geared up a crack using JailbreakMe approach for Pangu 9.3.3 users, seems all doubts that faced has been solved. We ask over you to join with these if you wisely remained with older versions without rush for jailbreak iOS 10.2. It proved us that hackers worked to bring all the finest though it gets tighter time to time.

jailbreak ios 10.2

Luca Todesco with a new exploit

We reported you all in sequence regarding JailbreakMe technique that recently added to use for respective 9.3.3 to 9.2 operating system users. It revives your elapsed status of semi untethered behavior and will not need certification requests. Since it used the exploit Pegasus of the Safari, none other browser cannot assist the issue. Once you navigate to webpage, its employ will more easily than prior tool submission. You can pass on our older guides for more.

A new tool for an older story

A member if iPhone OS Cydia download researchers calling themselves @FriedAppleTeam recently triumphed an instrument for one of none jailbroken older stayed 8.4.1. It’s doubtful since all were anxious to catch Cydia 10.2 as soon as possible. However, this is the first ever try of developers to offer us a deal for the indicated edition. The concept of the new submission can watch through the displayed video clip. It is handy as this will no longer remain just as a video. The publication will execute in near future. But it is uncertain whether it will become a direct app use or else a Macintosh or Windows based one. But this will be handy for those who own 32bit range iDevices as it organized to crack both rangers even 64bit on top. We have to hang about to greet the untethered sketch which we are going to have after a long phase.

ios 10.2 jailbreak

And you will glad to meet their bonus and that will return you to the specified account. In simply, it’s all about downgrade from 9th session to an older.

For missed versions of 9th chapter

This is all about seeds that patched final Pangu launch 9.3.4 and the next bring up of major security fixes 9.3.5. Reporters delighted to utter that the identical creator FiredAppleTeam is going position their second plane with. Although it is uncertain the support of 32bit rangers, it will be an astonishing visit.

At closing stages?

jailbreak ios 10.2

It was great as we are in front of the year end award observance of jailbreakers. All those who use, built apps and even implement creators in addition are the polls. The observance mass Ziph0n proclaimed to surround Reddit at the end of the week. Awards will offer for vote’s archives for free, paid, developers and tweaks plus developments as well.

By the way, it’s appealing to remain with jailbreakers though there is not much to gossip as regards Cydia download 10.2. There are a lot to report frequent updates. Look forward you too will hang about.


All about upcoming jailbreak iOS 10.2

Well it’s started stories about Cydia download tool of the latest iPhone operating system launch. Currently, we are passing a long silence distance just with demonstrations and announcements. However, the latest OS chain collected varies new movements and functions successfully with no any bother of a jailbreak. With announcements of the hacker’s community, jailbreak iOS 10.2 become ambiguous. In accordance with their particulars, the edition is full of forceful fixes and users. Exclude the 1st beta crack done by @ijapija00, all rest pre-launches depart smoothly. However, after a potent procedure of seven pre-collections, it is on your hand throughout every authorized server.


Behind @ijapija00’s demonstration

As afore said, he was the sole witness of jailbreak iOS 10.2 all the way through a demand video release. Like all previous casts, this too was just aimed hit private use. However, he used the first beta announcement of the version and that certainly before several beta addresses that another hacker described about strong dependability. Thus it seems the version continually amend to create a less issues and bugs edition to the public. For those who aware Cydia would please download the precious OS for a smoother practice.

Anyhow, in fact with all current fine points about its crack, it is doubt whether we will able to catch a hasty tool related to the latest. Because the newest developer who responsible for the solitary video too silent about the major triumph.

Download for all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


Once you confirm your compatibility, you can reserve your capture through respective IPSW collections and via OTA notifications. But you must conscious regarding your jailbreak iOS 10.2 hold back since it well-considered keeping apart, once you wish to welcome it on your device. Though it is uncertain entire patches enclosed have been patched, the silence behind all these must have something deeper. By the way, as we unveiled all about its features, many are awaiting to please consumers with individual all new appearances.

Anyhow, there is no much to clarify about 10.1.1 to 10 editions about their jailbreak proficient. Though the caution struggle on 10.2, all left seem their respective positions with useful vulnerabilities. Although Todesco kept words regarding this, whispered to go on with any older one. Therefore, keep on your iPhone operating system practice without anxious about a new tool up to date. As we are at the closing stages of the year 2016, incredible will accidently happen. We take in the sights all hackers and jailbreakers for a rapid triumph with their current researches. All our directions will accurate and rapid just after leak to the public.


Update – 10.2.1

Apple rapidly triumph another extension with minor updates to developer servers. Still it is uncertain whether there are any features since the release note have not described any. And hope its publication will take place before long as it is a followed amendment. All about its download and jailbreak possibilities will shortly update here with precise particulars. Refer our previous reports for more.


Are you looking for Jailbreak iOS 10.2?

The company recorded the solemn launch of awaited iOS 10.2 on last Monday. It was totally seven developer testing versions behind this tremendous iOS edition. Those who were anxious for its usage are welcome to prepare their devices with the iPhone operating system 10.2 download running iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It was nearly two months that we talked about jailbreak iOS 10.2 following its public start on. However, while we were busy with its start on, the well-liked developer Luca Todesco make use of JailbreakMe accompanying technique for the contemporary Pangu 9.3.3 download. This too was interesting since the new tool encounter as an undemanding Safari based operates and that with no certification subject. By the way, here we set off for whole latest news particulars of you will awareness to know.


iOS 10.2 major update to the public

Though we have not much to talk regarding iOS 10.2 jailbreak, the publication narrated many its enhancements and all-new features you likely. Emojis, widgets, wallpapers, SOS, camera options, channel lead app, Messages and moreover. After 10.1.1 amended to come under the build number 14B150, the latest stands for 14C92. As usually, iOS 10.2 install is upgradable through Over The Air and iTunes. Download IPSW files will accomplish a stable installation that drives the iDevice perfectly. However, in all sincerity, a reminder for our jailbreak readers to turn aside as it will execute your Cydia download possibility.

About iOS 10.2 jailbreak prospect


During the earlier period of long remain for news of jailbreak iOS 10.2, Luca Todesco made remarkable things on behalf of fed up Cydia download fans.  As we said above, 10.2 has a large variety of new components and that contained tricky security dealings as well. This was discovered by Todesco for the first time to keep jailbreak users aside from this solemn launch.

However, in fact, he well considered that the new security uses make harder the expected Cydia download iOS 10.2. Thus it would be better to keep on 10.1.1 or with your jailbroken iDevice. Even all passed pre-launches too was strongly secured that make harder hackers to get in. Although it convey the impression that jailbreak 10.2 will not release, guess that it will almost certainly come about but in a great distance. But he clued iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is yet probably even behind the newest build 14B150. This might related to his demonstration which finally done for 10.1.1.

By the way, you should think about the advice if you wish to enter any future jailbreak achievement.

Update – Safari based Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

Luca Todesco greeting Pangu download 9.3.3 users for a recent update. Those who want to escape from the expiration substance of the tool can go through the direction. And there you can see a notification of Luca with the official Pangu web page to report through Keep in mind that this is a reactivation jailbreak appliance. This can run when your device needs the reactivation behind Pangu 9.3.3 and restart. It is significant to be a jailbroken user to enter this newest appliance. Hang about for further guidance.

Getting Closer to iOS 10.2 Download

iOS 10.1.1 still signs as the latest on all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users technically allowed iOS 10 download. And if you are too love upgrading your device for a stable run, Apple now in work for a favorable change through second major attempts iOS 10.2. As of now iOS 10.2 is in the final beta stages and could be expected in near future. So this is about iOS 10.2 Download with all so far revealed.

iOS 10.2 Download

iOS 10.2 Download- Beta 7 Updated

About a month back Apple started working through iOS 10.2 betas. And by now you will find iOS 10.2 beta 7 released for developers and public testers about two after the beta 6 release. So there all developers and public testers registered to the Apple official beta testing can now take up the chance with iOS 10.2 beta 7 download. If you are with the proper certificate installed the update will be received Over the air and developers can have it through the developer center too. If you are very much excited to taste the changes with upcoming iOS 10.2 download, here you have the chance through the official beta testing program.

iOS 10.2 Download

If you too love to know what Apple plans through upcoming firmware versions, you have the option by take part in beta testing. So head official Apple beta testing website and sign the program completely free. So with that you will be able to receive the latest betas of upcoming iOS and OS X operating systems.

What to Get with iOS 10.2 Download?

iOS 10.2 is the second major looking attempt by Apple more than a month after iOS 10.1 major release. But different to the previous firmware version you will not find a centered feature here in iOS 10.2 like what you found with iOS 10.1 (Portrait Mode to iPhone 7 Plus camera). But you have nothing to be worry as Apple planning to bring number of favorable changes through iOS 10.2 Download. As to the betas so far there will be new Emojis, wallpapers to iPhone 7/7 Plus, new music sorting feature, a button to shuffle and repeat, and option to preserve camera setting, new full screen effects to iMessages and more like that. If you like for a closer view, have look on the video below.

Along with all these features you will be able to experience an improved security features in iOS 10.2. In fact it is clearly proven with Luca Todesco’s recent statement, warning not to upgrade iOS 10.2. As to his knowledge iOS 10.2 will come covered with many exploitable bugs in the operating system and will be tougher in cracking the system. And he mentions that the betas too come in more stable frame than betas we received with other updates and can be expect a highly secured firmware upgrade through iOS 10.2 install.

iOS 10.2 Download

So with that Luca warns not to take the steps so immediately to iOS 10.2 if you wish to enjoy iOS 10 jailbreak in times ahead. In that way iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is quite uncertain with this reveal even though developer @ijapija00 shows possibilities on beta 1.

iOS 10 Jailbreak- What’s New?

iOS 10 download

iOS 9.3.3 is still the latest jailbreakable firmware with credits to Pangu 9.3.3. Even though the same Pangu demonstrated bringing Pangu 10 on view at MOSEC, we find no confirmed word yet. So there we are still not reachable to iOS 10 jailbreak and Cydia Download. But once the tool is official all compatible iDevices could be able to grab jailbreak benefits with Cydia iOS 10. So as Luca said stay away from iOS 10.2 Download until you are confirmed the jailbreak possibilities. But if you are a non jailbreaker hoping a stable iOS run, iOS 10.2 is a big upgrade with interesting changes and improved security too.

If you like to know about interesting iOS and jailbreak facts, visit us regularly and collect all fresh facts from us.