Exciting new features of iOS 14

We are glad to remind you that Apple finally decided to unwrap the approaching iOS 14. Though there were rumors, it seems not each and every that predicted are there in the true iOS 14 frame. But it does not mean that we are going to encounter an unexciting version. Of course, it is exciting as always. We have several astonishing features to greet.

ios 14

Features of iOS 14

  • App Library

Having a library of apps would be great to keep your device clear and easy. Create collections of apps according to categories such as Entertainment, Apple Arcade, Social and so on. And there is a search bar to help you to find out the certain app that you are looking for as soon as possible.

  • Widgets

It is not new for we already went through widgets even in previous stages. Though widgets were not that friendly when compare to Android and Windows phone, at this time, it became a remarkable feature for iOS 14.

  • Tweak the Messages experience

At this time, Apple going to bring several wonderful features for Messages app in iOS 14. It seems that users will be able to use tabs for important chats. And pin those conversations easily.

  • Built-in translation

Want to translate something? Here we got a new feature to convert into the language you wish to read. There are different languages. Just use voice translation and turn your voice clip into a text on the screen.

  • Maps with improved features

Maps too got enhancements including further data for cyclists; automatically navigate cyclists along paths that can move with bike. Check whether roads are busy to ignore them.

  • Advanced Siri

Siri will turn into a more helpful feature. The user interface will come with images. With new enhancements, Siri can perform, 20x than prior with further facts than usual digital assistant. Because of newly added facts, Siri can now bring more sources that related.

  • Safari

Your beloved Safari browser too will receive several updates for a better support. It is fast and bring your results in seconds. This will improve when turn to iOS 14. Apple says that it will 2x times faster than Chrome on Android because of the specifically used JavaScript engine.

  • Improved Home app

The Home app that we welcomed a few years back will come up with a new face when we turn the 14th iOS chapter. The newest app will specifically go through privacy and will also suggest new automation.

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