iOS 13.3 jailbreak with Checkra1n latest version

Yet in beta, checkra1n jailbreak receives updates making the overall process stable and successful. So with the latest tool update, you now have iOS 13.3 jailbreak support together with more fixes and improved work-frame. If you like to take a closer look, here you are all space for it with our update note leading you to jailbreak Appleā€™s latest iOS 13.3.

iOS 13.3 jailbreak

About Checkra1n latest version 0.9.7

Checkra1n receives updates in recent time aiming at better performance. Compared with the previous tool versions this latest version is important as it brings fixes together with a number of improvements.

Fixes checkra1n contains are as:

Gives a solution over the trouble that banned the GUI from finding changes in device modes

Fixes the matter that has made the GUI to drop support when jailbreaking some of the iPad models

Support with iOS 13.3 jailbreak

Eliminate OTA updates on boot

Adding up Apple TV 4K compatibility initially

Get libimobiledevice as a requirement and more

iOS 13.3 jailbreak support with Checkra1n update

One of the biggest changes checkra1n jailbreak update brings is iOS 13.3 jailbreak support. So with the latest tool version you can now jailbreak from iOS 12.3 to upper up to the latest. But it still maintains the device compatibility as A5-A11with only up to iPhone X jailbreak. So those who have upgraded the device to upper version from iPhone X, checkra1n jailbreak is out of reach.

Sileo Package Manager Support for Checkra1n

As you already know, Checkra1n supports Cydia as the package manager once the jailbreak is over. You have to follow checkra1n loader to install Cydia after jailbreak. But now you have another option which is to Sileo package installer for those who want a change from Cydia.

Sometimes back, we found the Sileo team of developers confirming an update to Sileo to make it working for Checkra1n. And taking no longer, the update has come as the latest news to Checkra1n. So what you here need doing here is add Sileo repo on Cydia and get Sileo support. But if you do not prefer adding Sileo as a repo you can wait for checkra1n loader to get supported to Sileo.

Checkra1n iOS 13.3 jailbreak is now working for stable jailbreak yet in beta. So give a try and have Cydia or newly added Sileo. And do not forget to leave your comments about the experience so far with checkra1n.

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