Is iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Getting Closer?

With Apple closing the signing window for older firmware, you are no longer allowed downgrade from iOS 10.2.1. Which means you are no way to come back 10.2 to get Yalu jailbreak now in stable processing. Then what is the option for jailbreakers above Yalu? Will there be any chances for jailbreak firmware versions above 10.2? Knowing you are struggling to know the facts, we here bring you updates on 10.2.1-iOS 10.3 Jailbreak together with facts you must know. So read on.

iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

Apple came with 10.2.1 weeks back as the 1st minor update above 10.2 which inherited a number of notable changes. And you must now aware that Apple also in work for the upcoming 10.3 as the third major approach to the operating system to introduce more features to what you get with current time. But will that be able to make iOS 10.3 Jailbreak less interest? Not at all. In fact, the discussions have already started spreading all over as it the next hope in view of jailbreak for those who missed the chance with Yalu. So what can be the news updates ahead?

10.3 upcoming firmware is now available through the second beta. So anyone signed to the developer program or public testing program could now reach the new beta which shows the features planned to introduce via the new firmware upgrade.

iOS 10.2.1/iOS 10.3 Jailbreak- What is the Progress?

The updated Yalu only works up to 10.2 and not promise to add support further. As the vulnerabilities used in the build of Yalu come patched in the versions above 10.2, Yalu will hardly add support for further. Then it is mean those who are on 10.2.1 or willing get 10.3 downloaded are at the death of jailbreak? Not at all. But at the moment of this writing, they are unjailbreakable.

jailbreak ios 10.2

As Todesco not planning to take Yalu above 10.2, he has not given any word about the state of jailbreak 10.3 or 10.2.1. But he has clearly said that 10.2 jailbreak going to be his final tool launch which will probably make him only to see in the demonstrations. So this means we have a minimum chance from the side of Todesco to look over firmware versions above 10.2. But as he is not only the option for a tool release, we can still look for the glimpse of hope. So let’s wait and watch is this again the chance for Pangu to win over others.

Hackers on another challenge

Thanks to prominent jailbreak developing parties, we had stable tool options from iOS  7- 9. But the silent started at the time of10the firmware debut stills comes with no change, making us doubt about when will another tool releases. So what could be the plans on the road ahead?

We never know when will another jailbreak surf as a separate tool option from Yalu. But for the most part, we can assume that 10.2.1/10.3 could probably be the next focus on jailbreak while Todesco made the Cydia install access up to 10.2. So let’s wait and see when they are gonna release a jailbreak likely to what we see surprising in chapters past.

We hope we have cleared your doubts on iOS 10.3 jailbreak to somewhat. But as always stay signed to get more exciting facts which could probably be what you are waiting for. So stay tuned and share your comments if you feel this is worth reading.


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