Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.2.2

The latest Electra breakout has been addressed its fifth beta IPA file to the spectators with the finest support. And many reports discussed that the developer CoolStar may be able to expand very own Electra jailbreak to iOS 11.2.2 as well. It is amazing for the utility can only use for 11.0 to 11.1.2 chapters. However, at the moment, it is not the perfect time to upgrade your devices to non-jailbreak chapters. If things will perfectly work behind their researchers, it may reach 11.2.5 either. So this will be great for those fellows who fall apart for a breakout will be there on time.

electra jailbreak

Can I download Cydia for iOS 11.2.2?

At this instant, 11.2.2 is a non-jailbreak chapter that has no any way to jailbreak. The truth is even LibeiOS or Electra for 11.1.2 either cannot support the user to get nearer Cydia for technical reasons. The first and the key reason behind their incompatibility is that Cydia yet to update for those episodes by its dealer Jay Freeman. Seems it takes few more days to create everything stable. And thus far, .deb and theme folder that have to establish on a computer are the paths to arrange tweaks and applications related to Cydia.

Features of Electra jailbreak


Semi-untethered jailbreaks are the ones that we passed since a couple of years for varies iOS versions. And this time too, Electra can introduce as the recent semi-tethered utility. Even though at the moment it cannot supports you to break 11.2.2, it as well will become a semi-untethered tool if CoolStar decide to expand it for further. In that case, every reboot means that you have to rerun the jailbreak app again and again.

Weekly expiration

The expiration matter became a serious issue once jailbreak became a process based on IPA files. During the Electra jailbreak procedure, users have to use an Apple ID logins to sideload the IPA through Cydia impactor. There you can use a Developer identity or a free ID. Each identification can use for one device. Thus, when you cannot use developer IDs, the license term once a week asking the operator to sideload the file again to break the device.

electra Jailbreak

More features

Since all above features are based on the current Electra tool that we have for 11.0 to 11.1.2, there are few more to discuss. Electra is a 64-bit breakout and that currently available for those versions below 11.1.2. As it has to load using an IPA file, users can use Mac, Linux or a Windows PC either. And as mentioned above, those who wish to download Cydia should list theme folder and .deb kits with the PC. And throughout, tweaks can be settled in a long process than directly load just after jailbroken. And even once you are partly crack for a reboot attempt, all features will stick until you rearrange the status.

By the way, stay tuned for more about Electra to confirm will it compatible with 11.2.2. It may not that soon but will probably confirm on time. And let us know what you predict and expect?

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