Electra update for Cydia iOS 11.3.1

We brought you a couple of considerable points here that stand behind the major proclamation of Electra’s Cydia iOS 11.3.1 opportunity. With their clues and predictions, we can guess how the next release going to be and turn a new chapter. If you too were anxious, here is everything.

cydia ios 11.3.1

Download Cydia iOS 11.3.1 by CoolStar

In recent times, we could gain an interesting report that describes about Cydia download proficiency of upcoming 11.3.1 breakout. As there was no clear evidence to prove whether the utility will be able to count Cydia through. However, it has been recorded as a demonstration and the latest one about the upcoming utility. Throughout the displayed iDevice, we saw Cydia perfectly work and even with several functions as well. At this time, it was @nullriver.

Moreover, with few further screenshots that they have been shared, we could confirm few further points as bellow. The used device was an iPhone X which running iOS 11.3.1. And the loaded Cydia package was version 1.1.30. There is another screenshot of an iPad Pro 2017 10.5 inches with launched settings app for jailbroken features.

Furthermore, in accordance with further reports, the graphical user interface that the app will load has been flawlessly developed up to 99%. So it reminds us that we are closer to the utility and it may be even tomorrow that the release will do.

Cydia eraser for Cydia iOS 11.3.1

By the way, it is glad to let you now that we are going to get a new functionality with the expected Electra update. The Electra member @Pwn20wnd confirmed it with a special note. And it will completely stand as the un-jailbreak option for those who want back their non-jailbreak status. And the functionality will only need a single click to turn over.

JailbreakMe 5.0 update for iOS 11.3.1

This is the next doubt for many users that we should resolve it as well. It was another brave proposal by a member of the community using a certain bug of the Safari. Though it is just a concept, we can predict few things as follow. If such a development will progress, it will become an app that has to download using a link via Safari browser. Therefore, without any doubt, it will be one of the remarkable releases.

cydia ios 11.3.1

Final words

It seems we will be able to gladly receive a new breakout in the nearly future. Do not ever fall apart for fake reporters while everything has been proved and confirmed. And there is no doubt of the jailbreaker or even about their perfect application either for we have gone through a prior Electra update. Thus, just pull things together to grab it on your iDevice just after the release. As we hope, after its official settlement, we will capable to collect true reports about iOS 11.4 and 11.4.1 jailbreak possibilities as well. While they are early and have some more to go, it is hard to wish for such a serious reveal. Let’s see and stay tuned.

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