Should you download iOS 11?

So we are on 19th to welcome the 11th OS as scheduled from today 10.00 am onwards. All new features such as revamped Control Center, Siri enrichments, Files app, screenshots, drag and drop, screen recording and so on brand-new features will be there for corresponding iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, are you ready to round up download iOS 11? Will it be pleasant or horrible? Of course, you should not. Here is why.

download ios 11

Reasons that you should ignore download iOS 11

Since we always recall you, being with a jailbroken device may never let you upgrade with hottest iOS launches right away. It is one of the golden rules of jailbreakers since upgrading to a higher session certainly drop back your Cydia download status. Moreover, once the station you entered is a non-jailbreak session so far, it will keep you desperately for a long. However, here what we captured that eager you stay out of the way of coming 11th operating system.

If you own an iDeviceĀ os 32bit, then you are not eligible to set up the coming session for you all have been dropped away from the compatibility.

If you are a jailbreaker

This is the prevailing reason as we specified above that you must recall if you are a jailbreaker. For the most part, if the frequent that most of the jailbreakers hang around jailbroken versions without capture any newer launch even it is a major deal. Furthermore, it seems the 11th OS will not be able to score since still there are a couple of barriers that hackers have to fulfill before.

Since Yalu releases of Luca Todesco is the only breakout and that even hold the fort more than three months for embarking upon, it is uncertain how long the upcoming breakout will be. Even it famed as the hugest and the bravest launch of the Apple that undoubtedly enclosed with high-security keys.

However, for there is a long distance, everything you adored of Cydia will no longer available. And even you cannot return to where you were. So the best thing would sit tight for few more weeks at least prior versions will break their barriers.

For incompatible 32bit apps

This is the other reason which may not that huge deal for everyone. Since 32bit apps were there since years, it is definite everyone has their preference through. But it is pity to recall that Apple decided to hold back all 32bit applications from here. Thus, when you turn to the hottest session, you will lose the whole you desire. Although you will find a resolution with a similar app, it will never be the same. If there anything you preferred most, it is better not to upgrade with.

download ios 11

In the foreground to download iOS 11

However, in my point of view, I decide where I should be. It is hard to shake off all I got through Cydia through the 11th iPhone operating system is going to be the hottest that brings into play a heap of wonderful features. Therefore, though the announcement will be there within next couple of days, it will not that significant apart from that close to the particular jailbreak.

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