All-new Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

As it is been long from the day we started the 12th iPhone operating system, it is time to turn a new page regarding its jailbreak possibilities. But because of those topics are knotty and shady, it would be better to check out those chapters we currently have on our hands. So this is going to let you go through a couple of hottest Cydia tweaks that offered for those fellows who jailbroken with iOS 11.3.1 and earlier. It does not matter you are with an older iOS chapter just make certain that you are jailbroken. Here we go.

All recent Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

Here is the list we collected from the collection of tweaks that offered for 11.3.1 in recent times.

DarkNotes – You can apply a perfect dark theme on your stock Notes apps using DarkNotes

FullMusic11 (lite) – If you are with jailbroken iOS 11 device, you can arrange back the beloved and missed Now Playing interface there with FullMusic11 (lite)

DuplexCalander – if you are with an iDevice running the 9th OS and which is jailbroken, you can easily arrange an alternate Calendar label to the Lock Screen

K10Whats – This is for those fellows who love to play around Whatsapp to easily customize it

Noctis10 (iOS 11 Preview) – This is a preview for the eleventh iPhone OS that taken from Noctis12

RemoveThatLine – This is an additional part on your Navigation bar to get rid from the line beneath

SpotLabeless – This is the tweak that hides those labels away from Spotlight icons

 Sileo for unc0ver – So this is for those who are with Unc0ver to use as an installer of Sileo

HiddenAlbumLock – Those who love to apply the Hidden Album functionality behind Apple’s Photos applications can use this to augment

ByePasscodeLINE – When you are with LINE application, this can let you easily function it by launch the app though you might use a pass code as well

IGNoSwitching – This can prevent you all from toggle varies accounts on your Instagram

MyNavBarTitles – Simply modify the navigation bar’s titles with varies colors

LSBlueTimeDateView – Users those who agreed with LSBlueTimeDateView tweak can use black behind the date as an alternative of the White color that appear on your Lock screen

Cydia tweaks for iOS 12.1.2 with a new jailbreak

By the way, hope jailbreakers will shortly let us reach the edge of the term with a remarkable release. Though we do not have proper directions to be prepared for upcoming jailbreak releases, do not let those tweaks stay far from you. Take pleasure in being jailbroken with those customizations you stay behind to deal with since far. But it is possible only when you are with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad running 11.3.1 un to 11.0.

When you need to realize jailbreak status of editions of the 12th iPhone operating system, it is better check our previous posts and realizes the true standing. Unfortunately, we cannot count any single breakout or proper evidence related to iOS 12.0 thus far. So stay tuned for further confirmations.

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