Will Cydia iOS 11.4 release soon?

Thanks to dedicated developer CoolStar, we received interesting reports about an upcoming jailbreak release. As many discussions started will they be able to cover Cydia iOS 11.4 as well, our recitation will unveil each point for you to realize the whole lot. As Apple began WWCD 2018 on last Monday, we have to navigate our journey to iOS 12.0 as well within a couple of months. So it would be good to bring all previous sessions to an end before long. Hope this will be supportive for those fellows at least to be prepared for.

cydia ios 11.4

Cydia iOS 11.4 from CoolStar

If you were there since far with jailbreakers, there is nothing to specifically note about CoolStar. They are the developer behind supportive Electra utility that even offered Cydia too for 11.0 – 11.1.2 users. Anyhow, this topic is about their next effort. Though you may capture fake details, the truth is they only going to cover 11.3.1 and lower versions that even will not go above to resolve 11.4 at any condition. So it is clear that hoping for an option to escape from 11.4 from the approaching Electra jailbreak is pointless. Since the security frame updated and the doorway that used to enter from 11.3.1 will no longer available with the latest. So it reminds us that we will have to face the same trouble with 11.4.1 either.

How to prepare for Cydia iOS 11.4?

If you want to pull things together for whatever release of jailbreakers for 11.4, we cannot advise you on any other. Just let your eyes capture reliable details. At this instant, there is no doubt that 11.4 has no any public tool to apply. So upgrade to 11.4 is not a good decision. As many of users simply switch to a new iOS version, keep it in your mind and highlight not to upgrade for any purpose.

Should you downgrade?

Since 11.4 seems to be a heavy OS for jailbreakers since it has no any clue thus far, downgrading to 11.3.1 would be good. But we cannot guide you to downgrade right away for there is no way to get back. Apple closed the gate and no one can upgrade or downgrade 11.3.1 at any state. However, do not confuse you are with 11.4. Though have nothing to prove, we wish to see a proper breakout.

cydia ios 11.4

Wrapping up

So we are going to wrap up the story. Before the end, let’s go through a brief direction. Although we have not anything to prove you that a new jailbreak will be there for 11.4, let’s hopefully remain there for it is the only thing we can do. This is not a serious issue when you are currently with any previous version since you all going to rescue apart from 11.4 and above. However, there may be few further hours or days for CoolStar to unveil their next utility. Once it will launch, we will be able to go through 11.3.1 and all previous non-jailbreak editions in a perfect manner. So just be patient.

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