What is p0sixspwn iTunes 12?

Today we brought you one of the important topics when using iTunes. Bother about P0sixpwn iTunes 12 or else wonder what is the connection of a jailbreak team and iTunes? It is completely far from jailbreak. But of course, related to iTunes. However, this error mostly comes into view when users uninstall, sync, launch, repair, update, open, install, connect, download or remove an iDevice from Windows machines. If you wish to know the technical reason behind the error, it is when the security app installation block of the normal process of iTunes. If you worry about, how to fix this and go through, here is everything.

p0sixspwn itunes 12

How to fix P0sixspwn iTunes 12?

Once you will be stuck at this error, follow these steps and escape from it simply. Here we go.

  • Take a deep breath and start the process
  • Press the Windows key + letter R for a while
  • And then type “firewall.cpl”
  • The Windows firewall screen will display
  • Check if everything is highlighted and they should be in green
  • Unfortunately, some of you may get the screen in red. Do not worry. Just follow directions on the screen and continue
  • Select Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall or else Allow and app or feature through….
  • After that, enter the Change settings option
  • Both private and public networks categories must check on iTunes
  • Carefully see if Bonjour has been marked for Private networks certainly
  • You can go through Allow another app option if the above options are not there
  • Go through C:\Program Files\iTunes\” and select iTunes.exe if you cannot find out iTunes
  • Go through the above step and add Bonjour if it is not with the list
  • Click OK button at the end of each entry
  • Check if Windows is up to date by adding any Windows update
  • And finally check if all driver software are there

Wrapping up

Hope the above guide will help you all to solve the issue and perfectly go through iTunes once more. Do not worry just because such an error that you can fix. Do not bother and do not think that you will never be able to use iTunes from now onwards. Just these steps will resolve your bother and let you go through normal operations of iTunes. Use iTunes to upgrade/downgrade or else to completely manage your iDevice as a completely free offer of Apple. Just follow our posts if there is any error or for something else that you should know.

Can I download Cydia for iOS 14?

We cannot stay empty when there are a brand new iOS and iPadOS version getting ready. It is iOS 14 after the 13th OS version that we started long ago. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that we used in iOS 13 will be able to continue their journey and add iPhone 12 as the newest iDevice model that will add to the compatible device list. Cydia for iOS 14 is a completely different story from its release note. Since far, we felt for jailbreaking because of customizations and amazing deals that Cydia offered us as the only and the easiest way to enjoy the off iOS frame. So at this time, we are excited to see how the jailbreak community will write the story?

cydia for ios 13

Guide to download Cydia for iOS 14

It seems Checkra1n team will be at the winning point before any other jailbreaker at this time too. It is the first public jailbreak for iOS 13 as well. The used exploit was Checkm8. Because of the status of the exploit as hardware based one, researchers and experts said that this exploit will not that easy to patch like many previous vulnerabilities that we passed. For that reason, we could finally see evidence that confirmed the prediction even with a Cydia downloaded iPhone X.

As often, Checkra1n will support all iDevices based on A5 to A11 including iPhone X. But let all the other devices find out very own jailbreak tool like previous used Unc0ver for the rest will not be able to go through Checkra1n.

Unc0ver for iOS 14

If you are with any higher device that Checkra1n cannot support and looking for an update of Unc0ver, it seems Unc0ver team yet to be prepared for. And even it is impossible to see the same tool for iOS 14 as Apple already confirmed that they have been enhanced security features. But they may come with some other door that Apple missed to patch. Patiently remain for their confirmation.

Wrapping up

Cydia for iOS 14 is yet to uncover with a public tool. But do not hurry to upgrade as we have more to go through with each beta. At the end of the Golden Master iOS 14, we can come to a certain point and decide if we can go through jailbreak to bring Cydia. Keep your eyes with each detail. Do not miss any single update if you want to jailbreak your device with iOS 14 as soon as possible.

Get ready to download Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 13

Want to jailbreak your device using Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 13? Or you still do not know the status of Odyssey? Here is everything about the tool and how can we use it. First of all, remember that this is the all-new jailbreak offer of well-known jailbreaker CoolStar. After a couple of days from their final jailbreak offer, the new tool going to reach the audience within a couple of days. Though the release date is yet to announce, it seems it is not far from here. So we are getting ready to welcome it as a new chapter of the jailbreak story.

odyssey jailbreak for ios 13

Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 13

Odyssey is the next iOS 13 jailbreak tool. It seems the team CoolStar going to make a bang with their new release with features that they are going to turn on with.

Those who know that this was Chimera13 are excited to welcome the new one as soon as possible. But do not worry. It seems they will not take that long to release the tool. Let’s see what are the useful details that the new twitter account has shared so far.

Important facts about Odyssey jailbreak

  • Odyssey tool will support all A8 to A13 iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Supportive versions are iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.5 and 13.5.5 beta 1
  • Cydia is an optional download and that does not need to add a repo while Sileo is their preinstalled package
  • The tool comes with several themes
  • Those who do not like Sileo do not have to worry about for Odyssey will let you to easily remove it though it is a stock package manager. With that feature, Odyssey will be the first ever jailbreak and that let you to uninstall the stock app store
  • And another best detail of the tool is that it will feature experimental migration support, to move while keep the setup together
  • According to further directions of using the tool, create backups is important

Wrapping up

At the end of the story, we would like to wish you all those who patiently remain with iOS 13 versions. It is great as we have to stay a few more months to welcome iOS 14 on our hands. Though it started the beta journey, we have to patiently wait until the Golden Master as the final public beta. However, those who are with Unc0ver and Checkra1n will only have to migrate to Odyssey.

Guide to download Cydia for iOS 14

iOS 14 is the biggest operating system of Apple and that official confirmed a few days back. The operating system got amazing features such as Home screen widgets, App clips, App Library, Compact UI for Siri, Picture in Picture and more at this time. And there is a long list of hidden features as well. Behind that, reports testify that the security frame too will become bigger because of the past buggy iOS 13. So at this time, we have to consider Cydia for iOS 14 more than ever for we know how the battle will depart. We decided to keep a note for everyone is excited to see how the game will end. Here we go.

ios 14

Should I download iOS 14?

At this instant, iOS 14 is not a public seed. It was just the first beta and that can download on devices those who have been registered as a developer at Apple’s developer portal. You cannot capture all promised features just through these initial betas. Unlike prior years, the release of the public seed of iOS 14 will draw to October this year. Therefore, you have to patiently count its betas till the major role with all promised arrangements.

If you are a jailbreaker, think twice if it would be good to upgrade your jailbroken device to such an advanced version for they say that the security frame too will be high and great than ever.

Can I download Cydia for iOS 14?

Since iOS 14 is just a beta, it seems jailbreakers will not rush to drop something about its jailbreak possibility. But in previous years, hackers like Luca Todesco brought evidences that proved the capability of each major OS.

However, though iOS 14 beta has more to go, we cannot forget the effort of the Checkra1n team behind the jailbreak journey. So we got a post saying that iPhone X running the freshest beta of iOS 14 could perfectly welcome Cydia. Though this is not a public offer, it is a great sign of jailbreaking for we only have to stay a few further months to welcome another grand jailbreak. Because of the used checkm8 exploit, we can hopefully remain for the Checkra1n team to offer us a path to walk.

Though it is not easy to bring you proved details so early, consider far things that we already have about Cydia for iOS 14 would be great. Stay tuned for more info.

Exciting new features of iOS 14

We are glad to remind you that Apple finally decided to unwrap the approaching iOS 14. Though there were rumors, it seems not each and every that predicted are there in the true iOS 14 frame. But it does not mean that we are going to encounter an unexciting version. Of course, it is exciting as always. We have several astonishing features to greet.

ios 14

Features of iOS 14

  • App Library

Having a library of apps would be great to keep your device clear and easy. Create collections of apps according to categories such as Entertainment, Apple Arcade, Social and so on. And there is a search bar to help you to find out the certain app that you are looking for as soon as possible.

  • Widgets

It is not new for we already went through widgets even in previous stages. Though widgets were not that friendly when compare to Android and Windows phone, at this time, it became a remarkable feature for iOS 14.

  • Tweak the Messages experience

At this time, Apple going to bring several wonderful features for Messages app in iOS 14. It seems that users will be able to use tabs for important chats. And pin those conversations easily.

  • Built-in translation

Want to translate something? Here we got a new feature to convert into the language you wish to read. There are different languages. Just use voice translation and turn your voice clip into a text on the screen.

  • Maps with improved features

Maps too got enhancements including further data for cyclists; automatically navigate cyclists along paths that can move with bike. Check whether roads are busy to ignore them.

  • Advanced Siri

Siri will turn into a more helpful feature. The user interface will come with images. With new enhancements, Siri can perform, 20x than prior with further facts than usual digital assistant. Because of newly added facts, Siri can now bring more sources that related.

  • Safari

Your beloved Safari browser too will receive several updates for a better support. It is fast and bring your results in seconds. This will improve when turn to iOS 14. Apple says that it will 2x times faster than Chrome on Android because of the specifically used JavaScript engine.

  • Improved Home app

The Home app that we welcomed a few years back will come up with a new face when we turn the 14th iOS chapter. The newest app will specifically go through privacy and will also suggest new automation.

Guide to iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak

Worry about upgrade to iOS 13.5.1 and miss Unc0ver jailbreak? Do not waste your time. We have another way to escape. Do not forget about the Checkra1n tool and that supported us even as the first public offer of jailbreakers for iOS 13.0. And now, we have an update from its developer for iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak as well. Although Apple released the version to patch the popular vulnerability and that used behind Unc0ver, the Checkm8 exploit will support us for a long for iPhone 5S to iPhone Xeven with iOS 13.5.1. Do not give us jailbreaking because of the backward Unc0ver tool. Here is how to download.

ios 13.5.1 jailbreak

iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak guide

  • Prepare Mac and a lightning or USB cable. Checkra1n is Mac-only jailbreak method
  • Go to Checkra1n official website
  • Download the latest version
  • Launch the dmg file and drag the specific app to the Applications Folder
  • Run it right away
  • You may receive a notification to trust the app
  • Just go to System Preferences and select Security and Privacy option
  • Enter Open anyway option and enter the password once it will ask
  • Run the Checkra1n app. It will perform intently
  • When the app will run, connect the device to Mac and continue
  • Navigate to Options panel and then mark “Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions” and then select Back
  • Click the Start button on Checkra1n and then OK to continue
  • Click Next
  • Follow respective guidelines that will display carefully
  • This will arrange the device into DFU mode
  • The jailbreak process will start
  • Keep the device on the table and let your eyes catch if it will restart
  • Remove the device from the machine
  • Now, open the Checkra1n app on your device
  • Select Cydia to install
  • Now you can install Cydia tweaks and enjoy advanced features and performances on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Final words

Do not waste your precious time waiting for Unc0ver jailbreak. Just try out Checkra1n and jailbreak iOS 13.5.1 without any worry. But there is one condition; you have to make sure that your device is between iPhone X and iPhone 5S models. You can download Cydia on your device perfectly using this method too. But remember that Checkar1n is Mac-only suggestion. Use a virtual machine is the best option if you are far from Mac. Carefully go through each step above. Remember to create a complete backup. Bring whatever Cydia tweak that you were anxious thus far.

Are you ready to download iOS 13.5.1?

Apple released a minor update to the 13th iPhone array a few days back. So it can bring on your devices as download iOS 13.5.1 if the device is one of the compatible ones. This is the first minor arrangement of the major 13.5. As you remember, it was the version that Apple specifically offered to cover a couple of health features related to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the recent version has been clarified as an update with several fixes and enrichments. Are you ready to update? Before that, you better get to know what are the special facts that surrounded. Here we go.  

download ios 13.5.1

How to download iOS 13.5.1?

Although 13.5.1 has been registered as a minor version to the array, it too brought you several significant arrangements according to the release note of Apple. It is an update of security keys, that users those who are anxious about update their devices with advanced security barriers should collect. Since we have to talk about iPadOS as well, just get to know that iPadOS 13.5.1 too is there for you all with recommended iPad models.

If you want to know how to bring it on your device, you can upgrade the device as an OTA. Just turn to Settings and then go to Software update panel. Or if you already enabled automatic update, there is nothing to worry for you will receive the update automatically.

Download iOS 13.5.1 and jailbreak

First of all, let’s see which is the jailbreak tool that can support you when you are with iOS 13.5.1? According to experts and reliable reports, Apple could perfectly seal the Unc0ver jailbreak that we previous used with the recent arrangement. Which means you better stay away from 13.5.1 if you are an Unc0ver fan for a while. Though there is no certain detail about Checkra1n compatibility, it is good to stand far from the version and look forward for something positive.

Wrapping up

Do not get a hurry to upgrade to whatever new version just after Apple proclaims it. Even when we have to collect iOS 13.5.1, it is not good for jailbreakers for security features that it brought. However, this is the most recent and the highest version that you can count on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. There is no other reason to stay far. If you are no longer a jailbreaker, you can simply collect it and update your device to the recent security features.

Why should we jailbreak iOS 13?

I hope this would be a great narration for those who doubt why we should jailbreak iOS 13? Of course, we are with the world’s number one OS and smart devices. But still it seems to jailbreak getting amazing. There are a couple of reasons for that. So this is why we need Cydia when we have the best? Apple promised for another amazing and advanced operating system during the World Wide Developers Conference of the year 2019 as their 13th OS chapter. So, it is iOS 13 that we started our journey in September and that recently jailbreak by Checkra1n and Unc0ver tools. There is no doubt that it became a perfect operating system that surrounded many features. But here are a few reasons that we found behind jailbreaking.

jailbreak ios 13

Reasons to jailbreak iOS 13

In this list, we will uncover a few things that will surely let you realize why we need jailbreak and Cydia?

Intelligence security performances

We all know that our iDevices always request our permission for several performances such as pick up from sleep and so on. But there are some special tweaks that will not bother you for it intelligently realize where you are.

Third-party apps with power features

This is not about a barrier of Apple iOS. Sometimes we have to face some barriers of third-party app developers as well. In such cases, you have tweaks that you can bring on your iDevies and enhance possibilities of their performances. YouTube Reborn is one of those popular Cydia tweak and that can use to enhance the YouTube app.

Browse files properly

So this is about the stock Files app. It is a perfect tool and that supports users to share files between iDevices and Mac OS X. Moreover, you can use the Files app to store media files in iCloud. But sometimes we feel that there is more to reach. That’s why we suggest you tweak that specifically offered for file browsing in Cydia.

Better web browsing

There is no doubt that you always go through Safari whenever you need to browse the web using your iDevice. Safari is unique and comes with advanced performances. But those who used Safari on iPad know that we have a bit to reach all those perfect features on iPhone. But what about if you have tweaks that will apply all those amazing features on your browser even it is with iPhone? Of course there are tweaks like Safari Electro 2 and Safari features in Cydia.

Will Checkra1n update for iOS 13.5 jailbreak?

Apple recently released the fourth beta version of iOS 13.5 with significant features such as share medical information, Face ID modifications for facemask and exposure notification. It will record as the sixth key version of the iOS 13 array after 13.4.1. However, as we got to know that many of you excite to know everything about iOS 13.5 jailbreak, here is our narration today. Let’s see will Checkra1n or any other jailbreaker will cover 13.5 in future.

ios 13.5 jailbreak

iOS 13.5 jailbreak using Checkra1n

There is no doubt that you know Checkra1n as the first-ever jailbreak release of a brilliant team of hackers. It developed using checkm8 exploit and that became a popular reveal because of being a hardware-based security hole. Unlike previous times, Apple could not patch it even up to 13.4.1 because the used exploit was not software based one. And now, the question is will it be able to use when 13.5 will become a public release? At this moment, developers behind Checkra1n did not post anything about the compatibility of the approaching version. They just confirmed that it can use for iOS 13 versions up to 13.4.1.

Do not hurry for iOS 13.5 jailbreak

As the most highlighted part, you should clearly note that iOS 13.5 is not a perfect version for a jailbreaker without any detail about its jailbreak capability. Since we have only its beta 4 at the moment as the latest update, it cannot support your device with complete features at all. You may be a jailbreaker or not. But both of you better keep calm and stay there for hackers to confirm that this too came with a breakable security frame. And remember that iOS 13.5 is a Covid-19 exclusive suggestion with special features.

Wrapping up

If you wish to collect iOS 13.5 right away, make sure that you do not care even it is not a jailbreakable version. While I am writing this story, we have Unc0ver, Checkra1n and Ra1nUSB to bring Cydia on iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS 13 to iOS 13.4.1. At the moment, not any of those developers confirmed that their tool will help us when it comes to 13.5. In such uncertain situation, ignore the version for a while. Hope that reports will clarify everything on time. And we too will let you know if it is good to collect and jailbreak or pay no attention to for long.

PS4 Pro Jailbreak- all updates

Are you aware of tools available for PS4 Pro Jailbreak? Here you are about the latest updates, available tools at this moment, and possibilities. So if you have got yourself in a new PS4 and looking for PS4 Jailbreak this would help you to get things cleared out.

 PS4 Pro Jailbreak

What is the current state of PS4 Pro jailbreak?

For those who are having a PS4 running the firmware 5.07 or below, you are among the luckiest to experience Jailbreak PS4. The supported jailbreak for version 5.05 PS4 Jailbreak was found in May 2018 and this found compatible with the rare 5.07 firmware too as to the reports found so far.

If PS4 runs on the firmware 4.55 or below, you can get jailbreak rights only for the console. So here the best advice is to update to 5.05 firmware and Jailbreak from that firmware.

What is the update for PS4 jailbreak for devices above 5.07?

PS4 Jailbreak is only possible on some firmware. But there is still no public Jailbreak for PS4 in concerned the firmware version 5.50 and upper. But you nowhere find it said impossible. And what is good to consider is usermode WebKit exploit has announced by the developer SpecterDev on 8th March 2019. So this is something that keeps us waiting hopefully on something new. And if you are on firmware 6.20 and lower, there is additional news by the hacker Mathieulh through a powerful demonstration on PS4 5.55 kernel exploit. This was said to have no plan for any releases. So we could not say anything precisely here about the future of PS4 Pro jailbreak.

PS4 jailbreak

Updates on PS4 Pro Jailbreak

If you are on a new firmware from your PS4, you are out of luck for jailbreak PS4. But there is no way found to downgrade a PS4. So that who are running on a PS4 that has higher firmware than 5.05, what should do is generally wait in the lowest possible. And as we already have demonstrations that would work for firmware upper, you are recommended to wait hopefully.

You will get a lot of updates with time when you buy a PS4 that running on the latest firmware. But you may still feel like you are limited. The solution could be jailbreak. But until you get reliable tool support, it is about waiting. So keep looking for the latest PS4 Pro jailbreak updates here with our site.